Blaiz Bites: Amazónico

Back in December, we ventured to Amazónico London, a Mayfair based restaurant endeavour originated in Madrid, drawing from its gastronomic heritage in the Amazon region. With a blend of firmly rooted traditional techniques to modern, cutting edge approaches, Amazónico immerses their diners in a truly tangible Latin-American culinary experience, the perfect complement to our own South American adventure here at Blaiz.



Amazónico is deeply rooted in South American culture - how did the idea come about?

Amazónico was created by husband and wife team, Sandro Silva and Marta Seco - two of Madrid’s best-known restauranteurs and features a collection of Latin American cuisines and their influences. It ranges from traditional Brazilian dishes and cachaça cocktails to Peruvian sushi. The inspiration for this came from their visits to the region.  


How was the planning/interior design for the space done? Did you take trips to the Amazon in the process?

The entire concept of Amazónico, not just the interior but the food drinks and even the hospitality are inspired by the Amazon. Sandro and Marta have been on several trips to the region together which inspired their vision and Sandro grew up in Brazil, giving him a deeply rooted connection to the region.



How was the menu created? Were there specific dishes from each region that needed to be incorporated?

Not specifically - the menu was inspired by that of the original Amazónico in Madrid, with several signature dishes, for example, the Ensalada Amazónica, featured on the menu in London. There were then new dishes added for the London market. The menus at all three Amazónico restaurants, Madrid, London and Dubai are inspired by the influences and traditions of the Amazon region.


How was the team picked? Are there South Americans in the team?

The selection process was very particular, everyone must share the same sense of passion as well as the warm hospitality. In the kitchen, in particular, our team is incredibly representative of the region, with members of our team hailing from Peru, Brazil, Colombia and our head chef is Venezuelan.



Favourite part of the decoration of the London restaurant?

It is impossible to choose just one part. Designed by internationally renowned artist Lázaro Rosa-Violan, the layout of Amazónico invites discovery, with a design that flows from the bar at the entrance, through the lounge, sushi counter, main dining area and private dining room. The clay colours in the lounge area represent the mountain regions, and the swamps of the Amazon are reflected in the rainforest-themed private dining space, which is lined with floor to ceiling carpets and mirrors. Water spheres in the main dining area are reminiscent of the sea and the deep greens, luscious live plants and vegetal roof in the main dining space add to the jungle-feel.



Best dessert?

Our signature Pina Rostizada is unique, grilled pineapple with coconut sorbet. Or, our Chocolate al Moctezuma is a beautifully indulgent dessert, served hot and molten with coffee praline.

Favourite cocktail?

Our Sangria Blanca is perfect if you want a light and Spanish influenced cocktail. Or, if you want something more Brazilian, try our take on the Caparihna, it’s called Welcome to the Jungle and looks as beautiful as it tastes.



Why was the first restaurant in Madrid?

Sandro and Marta moved to Madrid to open a restaurant. It is such a cosmopolitan area within Spain and the perfect location for their first restaurant. The couple has since moved their family to London to open the restaurant here and they also have a recently opened restaurant in Dubai.


Next steps for Amazónico?

First, we want to establish ourselves fully in the current locations and ensure that they are a continued success. Following that, we will start to think about future expansion. Watch this space!


10 Berkeley Square
London, Mayfair W1J 6BR


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