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Arara was created out of the love and desire to capture and wear the unique and unexpected spirit vibrating through the Brazilian Amazon. Enveloping the collections in a vast array of vibrant colours that make our clients be able to almost breath in the scents of nature, feel the rain-pouring through the leaves, sighting the magical creatures that call the amazon their home. Arara is on a mission to honour and embody the Amazon’s spirit and attempt to bottle some of its majestic aura through its pieces.

The creators of the brand see their Arara as a never dormant, living and breathing spirit that takes shape through its various prints and designs. Like a leaping jaguar, or a pouncing tiger, or a flying macaw, there is the dynamic beauty of the creatures coming through the prints and through the Exquisite well-crafted  embroidery detailing and techniques used for the garments.

Going against the grain of the fashion world’s fixed, stringent, and exhaustive calendar, Arara aims to bring persistent collections to the market throughout the year. The Arara team thrive on a fluid and open sharing of constant new ideas born out of their inspiration from nature and respect for the retail market. They push against the fashion boundaries whilst maintaining class and elegance. Look closely as every piece will have an unexpected touch, a vibrant detailing that makes it Arara.

Arara holds quality and sustainability dear to its core, and being tired of the constant deterioration of these, couples with the increase in pricing of the fashion industry from high street to luxury, every piece is hand checked by at least 3 teams of Arara.

“Arara scorns the idea of being identified as Arara as well as the promotion of its creators, and will never hold events or shows to promote Arara as a brand name. Rather Arara heeds its guiding light from producing garments that in a world of endless choices, our clients pick one of our pieces to step into their day with.”

Introducing the first contemporary brand with the product flow of fast fashion, done ethically through our artisanal teams globally.