ESCVDO believes in sustainable, lasting fashion that honours its heritage and passion for design. Each piece tells a story that can be traced back to the knitter who wove it, the alpaca who provided the wool and that moment in time - centuries ago - when these knitting traditions were born.


An inspiring story of self-discovery and turning one of South America’s most vibrant cities into home. Blaiz meets Harry Hastings, a self-made man who founded a luxury, bespoke travel company with a twist. Each trip is curated to your desire, resulting in an immersive and culturally rich experience to some of the most colourful corners of the planet.

Harry takes us on a virtual tour of his Argentina and if like us, this has you reaching for your passport, head to to experience it all first-hand. If you ever get to meet the man himself, don’t ask for Tango lessons…



Perhaps it’s the colours in Blaiz founder Stephanie Mordehachvili’s collection that brighten her day. Or perhaps it’s the inspiring stories that lie behind the products she sells. Whatever it is, 33-year-old Stephanie has an energy that’s unusual in a woman with two children under the age of two.

It’s that energy, mixed with her passion for all things Latin American, that set her on a path through Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Mexico as she sought out rare and exotic items for Blaiz, her London concept store.